About Us

This site is a tribute to the professional hockey teams that have called the Greensboro Coliseum home, with a sharper focus on the period hockey returned to Greensboro in 1989.

Some of you not familiar with our city might wonder “What makes Greensboro so special, anyway? It’s not like they’re Toronto or Montreal. Why do they need a whole site?”.

Well, I’d bet few cities in North America could match the 10 years of hockey history Greensboro built up beginning with the game’s return in 1989.

Hockey came back after a 12-year absence with the Greensboro Monarchs of the East Coast Hockey League. Success soon followed with the team winning the league championship (Riley Cup – since renamed Kelly Cup) in it’s the very first year.

After six seasons of on-and-off ice success, ownership decided to make the jump to the American Hockey League, and the Carolina Monarchs were born in 95-96.

Although not as successful in the standings or at the box office, the new Monarchs produced several NHL players like future Hurricanes goalie Kevin Weekes and forward Ryan Johnson, among others. They also had one of the most popular logos in hockey that remains a hit with collectors to this day.

Two years into the AHL, a new team came calling. An NHL team wanted to come to Carolina and needed a place to play for two years. Greensboro would take in the Hartford Whalers, reborn as the Carolina Hurricanes, starting in 1997.

The greats of the game would grace the Coliseum ice. Players like Gretzky, Messier, Coffey, Jagr, Lindros and other NHL superstars would come to the Gate City to face Ron Francis, Keith Primeau, Sami Kapanen and the rest of our Hurricanes on a nightly basis.

Greensboro had the honor of hosting the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs in 1999, bringing the Coliseum it’s loudest crowds and best games the “Old Barn” had ever seen. Unfortunately, it couldn’t bring them to round 2.

When the Hurricanes moved to Raleigh to play in their new arena, Greensboro came full circle with the return of the East Coast Hockey League. This time, the team would take on the name of the Gate City’s original hockey team, the Greensboro Generals.

Quite a decade! With all the changes and all the teams, everyone is bound to have their favorites. This site is intended to help all fans relive their favorite times with their favorite teams, no matter who their team was.

It is also intended to give fans all over the world the local perspective that is so often missing on sites that document the various teams’ pasts.

Check back often, because this site is a work in progress. With all the history, it is going to take time to get everything finished.